Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Top 8 Trend of Web Designing In 2013!

The year 2013 has arrived and so are the new trends for web design. In this volatile internet age, you have to synchronize with the changing trends in web, especially how your website looks. So if you are feeling the urge to redesign your website, you must first get familiarized with the changing trend in the web design. So if you are perceptive and conscious website owner, here is an overview of some prominent web design trends 2013 that will inspire you to build your website with a new and fresh look:

1. Responsive Web Design

In today’s technology-friendly age, there are more ways to access web than before. Now people can use different platforms for the internet. So the 2013 trend stresses on a uniform website design that supports the different routes to access internet. This means that you can experience a responsive web design regardless of the source you use to access the internet. The new 2013 web trends offer the same web experience whether you are using a PC, Macbook or a smart phone.

2. Mobile Friendly Website Design

With the commencement of new decade, the trend of mobile web seems to be prevailing. This change in the trend has compelled the designers to capitalize from this market. The designers are now creating websites for Android and Windows 8 based smart phones and iPads. This improves the whole user experience and work efficiency.

3. Improved User Experience

With HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS, you can create a more flexible and user-friendly website. Now you can create flash-less design while utilizing all the features of flash based website. This not only enhances the user experience but also offers a more SEO friendly design.

4. Clutter Out and Simplicity In

The users tend to be more impatient when it comes to browsing the internet. They prefer websites that are more functional than sumptuous. So they will more likely skip your website if that form keeps popping up or that flash banner appears intermittently. The idea of stuffing the website with unnecessary details is out now and being simplistic and minimalistic is in for 2013.

5. No Flash Banner Ads

2013 introduces big background photographs instead of the old complicated ‘flash banner’ ads. The contents are relevant and precise, reducing the clutter to 0%.

6. Fixed Header Design

With the beginning of 2013, the animated header design is no more an asset for website design. The new trend has brought in the fixed banner design as the new trend. This results in a more functional and pleasing header panel, making a strong impression on the users.

7. No Hassles with Opacity

Next comes the transparency design. Now you do not have to spend hours on Photoshop tools to adjust the transparency level of your website design. Now you can tweak the opacity of your website design with the CSS3 tool.

8. Capitalize on Social Media

Today, every business has a social media presence. Considering the outlook of social media in 2013, it is a ‘must’ feature in any website design. Incorporating the social media buttons, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, can significantly increase the traffic to your website.