Thursday, 22 August 2013

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What should be an effective Custom logo?

In the backdrop of the recent business arena, every businessman wants to be known among his competitors. In such a scenario, a well-composed custom logo design can do its part in enhancing the overall image of a company. A well-designed logo must be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of a company. That is to say, it should project the true message of a company brand in an effective way. But what exactly is custom logo design all about? Well, a custom logo design should complement the product of a company and define the nature of business of the company.

An impeccable custom logo design should be made with a fusion of art, creativity and technology and projects the image of a company in a true sense. The essence of making a custom logo design should be to reinforce the idea behind a brand image that can impart to the target audience of a particular brand. An effective custom logo design can also enhance the business visibility of a particular brand in the World Wide Web. A stylish and contemporary symbol can be an ideal choice for product recognition.

A logo is a signature of a particular business. Therefore, it must represent the true image of a company business type. It must convey the right message of a company’s principles, ethos and mission. A well designed custom logo can play a vital role in this regards. 

There are some businesses who are offering cheaper rates for a custom logo design. However, people often regard them as substandard services due to the fact that they offer cheap logo design. But the fact is that the larger portion of the price charge by a logo design company goes into the pocket of the company itself. Whereas, the same job can be done by an individual service at a much lower price.  

In the final analysis, it is established that an effective logo design can play a crucial role for the marketing the brand of a company and can convey the essence of its product in true manner.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Web Design for the Rest of Us

Web design tips

Not long ago it was difficult to create a website without first understanding HTML, coding, and the many complexities of programming. Today, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to have a good blog or website because of things like WordPress. This is a platform used by millions of people around the world in order to easily and quickly builds blogs or sites, and even some applications, without a lot of background knowledge or skill.

The thing about this is that it can still be a very plain and "white toast" sort of entity when WordPress is used, and that is why WordPress templates are the next part of the process.
Take a Single Example

A young woman wanted to start a gluten free baking company. Her vision was pretty simple - market herself locally and sell directly to the local grocery stores, food stores, and even a few restaurants or bakeries.
She knew that she would have to create a website, use social networking to spread the word, and even do some online marketing if she wanted to succeed. She used WordPress to begin building a site, but she really didn't feel that the looks of the blog and site were a good reflection of her brand or even her industry. She then found a site with themes and located a wide range of "foodie friendly" designs.

She was able to choose the right color palette, integrate some complex galleries of images and menus, and even use a shopping plugin that integrated with a payment site to take online orders.

Because of the use of WordPress, the site was optimized straight out of the box and the young woman only had to do a limited amount of work to get right to the top of the local search results. She also found it incredibly easy to integrate her sites with her social networks and made her pages really fun places to visit.
The girl wanted a well designed site, but didn't have any of the "chops" necessary to do this. She turned to WordPress themes to deliver the pre-packaged design solutions required, and she found tremendous success because of it.

Whether your business is high tech, earthy, old-fashioned, or just about anything else, there are themes that can help you create the exact image you want, and which are much more than just the design. You can get optimal functionality and great looks when you rely on WordPress themes.

About author :-

Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a leader in the premium WordPress themes area. She likes to discover new ideas about internet marketing, social media and blogging.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Brochure Design

A brochure is a popular form of advertising and marketing a company, product or service. It plays a major role to establish brand identity of a business and expand its customer base. Although brochures are brief and concise, they instantly capture attention of the potential customers. While an appealing brochure design is an effective advertising element, it has its own set of limitations. This article will outline the major advantages and disadvantages of brochure and how they affect the advertising aspects of a business.


  • Flexibility
Brochures offer range of ideas in terms of designs and decorations. You can place pictures on different folds on a brochure, each representing the information mentioned. Furthermore, you can choose from variety of templates for your brochure designs.

  • Portability
Brochures are brief and compact. This makes them more adaptable and flexible in terms of advertising and portability. People can carry them or put them in the pocket. Due to their brevity, companies more often go for a brochure than a flier as an advertising and marketing tool.

  • Time-Effective
Creating a brochure is a more time-effective tool than any other advertising methods. There is no need to craft brochures for a specific target audience or group of people and you can easily send them to a wider audience through mail.


  • High Costs for Materials and Prints
While a brochure is versatile and adaptable, it costs more than other advertising methods. You need to hire a professional advertising agency or graphic designer to offset the differences in the subtle nuances in margins and fonts of a brochure. Also, the companies have to produce brochures in large quantities so it incurs them a good amount of money in the print and materials costs.

  • Space Limitations
Brochures have limitations in terms of space to showcase a product or service. Brochures offer information in bulleted points and pictures that alone fail to satisfy the readers. Customers need detailed information than just appealing pictures.

  • High Distribution Costs
Brochures are produced considering the specific customers, so you have to pay for mailing and dissemination costs of the distribution process. This will translate into more overall costs in the end due to more than one mode of distribution.

  • Environmental Hazards
Brochures are not eco-friendly tools of advertising. Most of the time, they are reproduced before they are fully used up, making the environment prone to their hazards.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Custom logo design help

Branding a product is the most important aspect of a business in this modern era. This provides the business a unique identification and helps it recognized by its customer base. However, to stand out in the current influx of different businesses, an appealing custom logo design is truly an effective and viable idea. A logo is the true representative of a company and considered as an effective way to communicate with customers. 

A custom logo is the face of a company, organization and business and plays an important role in creating brand recognition and helps them to send product messages to their target customer base. Making an appealing logo design that is both stylish and contemporary is the best way to catch the attention of your target audience. It is indeed a challenging task that requires both creativity and expertise.

Expert custom logo designers understand the modus operandi required to reflect the image of your company in a true manner.

They keep in mind every aspects of logo design while making an effective custom logo design. They effectively blend the ideas and creativity and transform them into an appealing logo that reflects the true motto of a company. These designers put the accurate composition of color, style and size of a logo to produce a design that is a perfect manifestation of a company. They are remarkably professional in transforming ideas into designs according to the requirements of a company.  

A creative and superior quality logo design can also save a valuable amount of money while marketing your brand, therefore, you should get the services of experienced and competent professionals to achieve you required goals. 

Custom logo design services offer different package for their customers. These packages are made to fit as per the budget and necessities of an individuals and ventures. There are also many professional cheap logo designers who offer affordable packages to cater to every business.

If you are a new comer in business and want to get a custom logo design for your brand then you can find different businesses on the internet that are offering the service at affordable rate.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Top 8 Trend of Web Designing In 2013!

The year 2013 has arrived and so are the new trends for web design. In this volatile internet age, you have to synchronize with the changing trends in web, especially how your website looks. So if you are feeling the urge to redesign your website, you must first get familiarized with the changing trend in the web design. So if you are perceptive and conscious website owner, here is an overview of some prominent web design trends 2013 that will inspire you to build your website with a new and fresh look:

1. Responsive Web Design

In today’s technology-friendly age, there are more ways to access web than before. Now people can use different platforms for the internet. So the 2013 trend stresses on a uniform website design that supports the different routes to access internet. This means that you can experience a responsive web design regardless of the source you use to access the internet. The new 2013 web trends offer the same web experience whether you are using a PC, Macbook or a smart phone.

2. Mobile Friendly Website Design

With the commencement of new decade, the trend of mobile web seems to be prevailing. This change in the trend has compelled the designers to capitalize from this market. The designers are now creating websites for Android and Windows 8 based smart phones and iPads. This improves the whole user experience and work efficiency.

3. Improved User Experience

With HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS, you can create a more flexible and user-friendly website. Now you can create flash-less design while utilizing all the features of flash based website. This not only enhances the user experience but also offers a more SEO friendly design.

4. Clutter Out and Simplicity In

The users tend to be more impatient when it comes to browsing the internet. They prefer websites that are more functional than sumptuous. So they will more likely skip your website if that form keeps popping up or that flash banner appears intermittently. The idea of stuffing the website with unnecessary details is out now and being simplistic and minimalistic is in for 2013.

5. No Flash Banner Ads

2013 introduces big background photographs instead of the old complicated ‘flash banner’ ads. The contents are relevant and precise, reducing the clutter to 0%.

6. Fixed Header Design

With the beginning of 2013, the animated header design is no more an asset for website design. The new trend has brought in the fixed banner design as the new trend. This results in a more functional and pleasing header panel, making a strong impression on the users.

7. No Hassles with Opacity

Next comes the transparency design. Now you do not have to spend hours on Photoshop tools to adjust the transparency level of your website design. Now you can tweak the opacity of your website design with the CSS3 tool.

8. Capitalize on Social Media

Today, every business has a social media presence. Considering the outlook of social media in 2013, it is a ‘must’ feature in any website design. Incorporating the social media buttons, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, can significantly increase the traffic to your website.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Essential Web Designs Tips to Consider While Creating a Website

Gone are the days when thriving a small-scale business was quite challenging both mentally and financially. With the dawn of online marketing, it has become quite easy and economical to start and flourish a small business venture. To make your way into the world of online business you first need to create a website which is both efficient and attractive. Creating an outstanding website is the main element of promoting your business among the target-audience and taking your revenue to the next level. Through a brilliant website, you can dominate not only local markets but international markets as well.

However, designing a website is not as easy as mowing your lawn, given that there are some important factors that must be considered while constructing a website. If you want to develop a website that can help you dominate your industry you need to have a good understanding of these factors. Let see what these important factors are:
  •  First and foremost thing you need to carry out is a thorough research on the websites that are operating in the same niche as yours. You need to examine the elements on those websites that make them compelling to the visitors. Examine how their websites reflect their objectives through the design and content. All these elements must be checked before starting off the construction of your website.
  • Remember that flashy content never attracts visitors but lose them. Keep the website as simple as possible so that you can provide your visitors a good surfing experience. Reflect simplicity not only in your web’s design but also in its other features. If you look around and examine some popular websites you will find the different aspects of their web design simple yet attractive.
  • Keeping the navigation easy-to-use is another vital aspect of an effective website. Keep it not only user-friendly but search engine friendly as well. While indexing, a search engine bots crawl the different pages of the website. If the navigation or linking structure is complex it’ll not create hindrance for visitors but search bots as well. If you want to create a lucrative website then keep the navigation simple.
  • Other than the design of your website, you also need to work on its optimization as well. With the emergence of SEO, web optimization has become quite vital. Through this vital practice you will be able to enhance the overall performance of you website as well as its web presence.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Must Know Things Before Designing Your Brochures

Are you going to start your new brochure design project? Before you begin designing it, there are some important considerations to look into. These considerations will help you design an incredible brochure which you ever dream of. So, let’s have a look on those factors:

First of all, it is good to know the purpose of your brochure. Obviously it will be used to promote your business, but you have to be more focused on some other things. You should find out the target market of your brochure. Is it belongs to A class demographics? What is the age, work nature and lifestyle of the people that will be interested in the product presented in the brochure. If you fully understand the whole idea of how to craft it by considering these things, you will develop a better approach to design it.

Once you know the purpose of your brochure design, it’s time to classify it further. This is how you can learn the technique to administer your thoughts into reality. Your intended design can be classified into three purposes. To market or sell your product or service, to entertain your audience or to inform your audience.

If your purpose is to sell or market your product, then your brochure must have a prominent headline and a powerful text copy. In order to clearly define your purpose, your main focus should be on words other than that of good design.

Is your purpose is to entertain the audience? If so, then you should focus more on using amazing graphics. Because audience love to see colorful images, find out some interesting images in accordance with the message you like to deliver. This will make your brochures more intriguing and appealing.

If your purpose is to inform your audience, then your brochure should be a great combination of words and images. Images can be photographs, sketches, artworks or illustrations. Because you can’t only inform certain things to your audience through images, use appropriate text to educate them effectively.

So, the above considerations are the best ways to design your brochures in a legitimate manner. Focus on these guidelines for determining the needs of your work design and make your work more appealing and acceptable for your audience.