Saturday, 1 December 2012

Inspirational Logo Design Trends In 2012

Trends, in other words fads, tend to change every now and then. Though trends in logos are also no exception however its significance remains the same throughout the ages, i.e., to represent a business. Every famous brand prints it internationally-recognized logo on every medium – stationeries, brochures, cards and billboards – and on every advertisement to promote its products and services. Some of them have kept the same logo untouched for decades while some have altered the logo from time to time.

Logos should be crafted in a manner that reflects the true worth of your brand. Remember that it is not the work of a single designer but the joint efforts of a whole team of designers. The most important feature of a mind-blowing logo is that it should be compelling to the target-audience. It should give them the sense of reliability so that they don’t hesitate to avail the product. In addition to that it should be timeless otherwise the whole purpose of captivating the audience and getting imprinted in their mind would be for nothing.

As we said earlier, logos tend to change with the current trends. A logo created four years ago may not look attractive in the current year. Likewise, the designs that look attractive in present may not look the same in four years. Therefore, it is highly important that designers should keep themselves up to date with the latest fads.

There are many latest logo design fads that have emerged in the year 2012. Some famous brands like eBay decided to do a little makeover on their logo. They removed the transparency and transformed the logo into a simplest form. There are some latest logo design fads highlighted by Logo Lounge such as transparent links, icon clusters, watercolor, potato chip, anaglyphs, selective focus, woven, twined, sprout, peel, sphere carving, apps, tessellation, arc twists and cousin series.

Let’s take a quick look on essential elements of a logo, which you will find them in famous brands as well.

Simple: A logo with the combination of creativity and simplicity can win the heart of masses in an instant.
Philosophy: There should be a meaning behind the logo otherwise it will fail to represent the business.
Memorable: Without it, you cannot expect your audience to remember it for long.
Scalable: Should be created in a manner that fits on every medium it is imprinted.


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