Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Do You Know These Significant Elements of an ideal Logo Design?

Logo is one of the most essential factors that keep the engine of a business revved up and running. It can be a typographical presentation of your brand or a blend of both typography and graphics. There is no doubt that a phenomenal logo can do wonders for a business and take it to the higher-echelon. However, the main problem is that phenomenal logos are not that easy to make.

Basically, the main purpose of this emblem is to reflect the mission statement of your brand and its ethics. An attractive emblem gives a sense of assurance with quality. This emblem or symbol becomes the identity of your business for decades. Therefore, it is suggested that one must create a remarkable brand-identity.

Majority of people don’t have the idea of how a logo should look. Some consider using complex patterns with the hope of making it outstanding, while some use multiple color schemes to make it flashy. Let’s take a look at the important elements that an ideal logo should contain.

* Simple but Compelling – If you just take a glance at some famous brands you will notice that they have really simple logos such as Nike. Though this brand has a simple brand-identity yet it is popular all over the world. Experienced designers always follow only one rule: KISS (Keep it simple silly). Simplicity is also important because it enhances the value of a logo. Keeping a logo simple yet aesthetically pleasing is a skill that graphic designers develop over the years.

* Business Value and Ethics – Given that logo acts as a representative of your business, thus it is important that your business ethics and value should be incorporated in it. It should reflect the credibility of your company and only then the target-audience will be attracted to your brand.

* Adaptable – Adaptability is one of the vital features of an ideal logo. When a company creates a logo, it uses this brand-identity on mediums like stationeries, cards, brochures, banners, billboards, etc. Therefore, it should be flexible so that it can be embossed on any medium without damaging the quality.

* Unforgettable – Unforgettable logos are those that have brilliance, elegance and creativity. Many famous brands have simple logos but they are recognized all over the world. An impactful logo always evokes the image of your brand-identity, thus making it unforgettable.


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