Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Build a Vibrant Brand-Identity for Your Corporate With Animated Logo

Numerous sorts of symbolic representations have been used since time immemorial. From ancient civilizations to Egyptian and now to the modern times, symbols have been used by humans to represent something or to express their thoughts. In ancient times, these symbols were used by the people to make a stone journal expressing their culture or how they used to live in those times. Now in this modern era, the same idea of using symbols is now being used by corporate and organizations. They call this symbol a Logo.

A corporate logo is a piece of artwork that represents the trustworthy image or credibility of a business. Another function of a logo is to give a solid identity to a product or service so that consumers can recognize the manufacturer. Since crafting a highly-attractive artwork isn’t a very easy job as it requires a large pool of creativity and freedom. Now you must be wondering why I mentioned freedom? Well, when I mentioned freedom I meant freedom of expression. Yes, a designer should be free to express his thoughts in whatever manner he likes; after all he is the one designing the logo. Therefore, putting restrictions or limitation on him would probably not give you the result you desire.

Anyway, as technology has evolved to a whole new level, the logo industry has advanced as well. Now you can express the mission of your corporate and its vision to your target audience in a more enhance logo, commonly referred to as animated logo.

In an animated logo, the effects and graphical details of the artwork becomes more visually improved and compelling. Such graphically enhanced logos attract the roving eyes of the target-audience or potential consumers in a more effective manner. However, these logos can only present your brand-identity on web-based applications – unless a next-generation business card is introduced like those you see in sci-fi movies.

The trends in animated logo design are evolving from time to time. From simple gifs to complete animated logos, this industry has evolved quite significantly. If you have established a new online portal of your business, then you must consider getting an animated brand-identity that signifies the mission statement of your company in a more astounding manner.

Remember that animated logos are a bit more costly than simple logos since designers have to use numerous animation tools to build you such terrific logos. However, if you see the bright side, you are just investing on an important asset that will bring you more profit.


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