Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How to Squeeze More Sales from Ad Banner Campaigns

Driving hordes of traffic, generating huge bunch of leads and earning huge sales are things that one cannot even imagine without running an ad banner campaign. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. An Ad banner campaign is an ideal method to spread brand awareness among the target audience. Online businesses use compelling banner designs to attract more traffic and turn them into leads. However, making the most from this effective advertisement method isn’t as easy as it may sound, unless you keep in mind the following important tips.

Consider Your Audience First:

It is highly important that one should understand their target-audience before creating banner ads. These ads directly influence the minds and actions of potential audience. Therefore, it is important that one must be completely aware of their preferences, likings and needs. Never assume your audience as a crowd but as a single person. This way you can easily determine the needs of a target individual.

Reduce Banner Load Times:

Banners are only deemed effective if they appear immediately on your screens. Reducing the load time of a banner ad can really affect your promotional campaign. Try to keep the file size as minimum as your possibly could; however without breaking its quality. Visitors never spend too much time on a single page. So, reduce the load up time of your banner to make it more effective.
 Use Compelling Ad-Copy:

A banner without an attractive ad-copy is useless. Other than the design of the banner, it is the copy that attracts the attention of the visitors. If you are successful in grabbing their interest, then they will definitely click your ad otherwise they will ignore it. It is also suggested that one must hire a copywriter to write lead generating ad-copies.
  Keep It Concise:

It is also an important thing to remember that visitors never read long-winded ad-copies. To them such copies seem spam. Moreover, there is not enough space on a banner to write three to four lines pitch. Therefore, it is suggested that the copy should be as concise as possible.


A Call-to-Action is a Must:

Last but not least, never publish
your banner design without a call-to-action. It is most important feature of a banner design and without it your ad campaign is completely useless. Just think what your visitor would do after he sees your banner. What sort of action there is you want him to take?

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