Thursday, 29 November 2012

Key Elements of an Ideal Logo Design

It is true that finding the right company to build an effective logo for your brand is difficult and sometimes quite hectic as well. A client has to look for many things before finalizing the company such as their own budget, the company’s efficiency in logo designing and their credibility. However, this is only half of the job. The main problem arises when you don’t know about the elements that make up an ideal logo.

Following are some important elements that excellent logos possess:

Simplicity – Ideal Design

Simplicity is the key to grabbing the attention of your target-costumers. If you look around you will observe many popular brands having really simple logos. Yet, the audience can easily distinguish their brands upon looking at their logos such as Nike, Toyota, Pepsi, etc. By simple it doesn’t mean that you may use dull and boring colors, but it means that the color scheme and design pattern should be easy, plain yet attractive. Moreover, simple logos tend to be fixed in the mind or memories of people. So, whenever they look at your emblem they will immediately realize the name of your brand.

Scalable – Can be Imprinted on all Mediums

Scalability is another great feature of an ideal logo design and it is very essential, especially for small-scale businesses. An ideal logo is one that can be imprinted on any medium or platform regardless of the size. Be it on stationeries, billboards or t-shirts, a logo should always keep the quality intact.

Colors – Scheme Plays Major Role

A color is what expresses the idea of your emblem. If you look at some color schemes of popular logos you will understand why their brands are so popular. Moreover, you will also notice that popular brands only use one or two color combination in their logos and not more than that. Even some logos only use black and white.

Uniqueness – Make it Outshine the Competitors

The main purpose of your logo will be ceased to spread to the audience if the brand-identity of your company is not distinct. The audience will only be able to identify your brand if your logo is different from the rest of the competitors.

The 4 aforementioned elements are very critical in making or breaking the effectiveness of your company’s logo. Therefore, before hiring a designer, review their portfolio and see if their designs met these specifications or not. Good Luck!


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