Thursday, 13 December 2012

See How Easily You Can Design Your Landing Page

Landing pages are powerful marketing tools that are designed to compel the visitors for taking a certain action for instance, buying a product, registering for a webinar and subscribing for a product demo or e-book. As they are specifically designed for the prospective customers, they should be made in a plausible manner.

So, let’s don’t waste time and have a look at the following essentials of landing page design:

• One of the most important things is to make top page headline. It is the trickiest part of your landing page, as the visitors read it first before going further to seek more knowledge. Your heading should be big and explain the actual offer of the page. Also, it should describe that what the page is all about in just a few seconds by providing your readers with a quick solution to the addressed problem.

• Providing an appropriate call to action is another important consideration. Your landing page should provide with a button, subscribe box or a form to fill out the details of the customers. Make sure that your call to action should be seen without scrolling.

• Clear headlines in your landing page increase the worth of your intended message. Use them to explain your product in an effective manner. Also, put sub-headings in your page so that the readers remain engaged in your content.

• The content of your page plays the most significant role in maintaining the quality of your landing page. It should be written according to the message of your main headline. Keep in mind that your product’s benefits are more important than the features; hence, emphasize on the benefits more. Place the most important information at the top of your landing page because most of the visitors like to read only the top part of your page.

• Bullets and numbered lists are the key elements of formatting. They help understand the offerings of your product in a precise way. Also, it helps simplify your layout and make it more readable and interesting.

• Images speak more than words. They easily represent your actual message with grace. Insert relevant images in your landing page and make it more engaging and impressive for the readers.

• Last but not the least; color schemes are also quite effective to increase the visibility of your page. Pay special attention to this factor as well while designing your landing page.

Landing page design is indeed a difficult task but you can do it easily by following the above important points. So, don’t waste your time and make your work super prominent among the other competitors.

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